This Thanksgiving is certainly so much different than last.  Last year, Thanksgiving Day was our due date for Lauren.  We obviously had a very hard day remembering back to the day we lost her, our grief still so fresh.  Honestly I felt thankful for very little last Thanksgiving.  This year I hadn’t even really thought about Thanksgiving being hard for us.  It really hit me very suddenly yesterday, the day before Thanksgiving.  My husband and I were having a great day cooking and running errands.  In the evening I had a meltdown.  Lauren was supposed to be there with us.  She would be 15 months now.  Walking, learning to talk, and having her first taste of Thanksgiving foods.  I lost it.  I miss her so much.  But I have so much to be thankful for.  The short time we had with Lauren, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Our second daughter and how healthy this pregnancy has been.  A wonderful husband.  I’m sure people get tired of hearing me ‘brag’ on him.  But truly I couldn’t have dreamed up a better spouse and best friend.  He is truly perfect for me.  My family members who love and support me.  My church.  And countless other earthly things.  And of course, aside from these earthly things, my creator.  Without Him I would have nothing to be thankful for at all.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers.  🙂


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