Thankful for good doctors…pregnancy update.

My husband and I are more and more thankful after each visit to see either my regular OB or the specialist.  After the experience we had with Lauren and the specialist we saw with her, we had a bad taste in our mouth about the medical part of it all.  We love the OB that I see and are thankful that he is still my doctor.  We are seeing a new perinatal specialist this time and the difference is mind blowing.  I feel like everyone there pays attention to the smallest details and they tell me everything that is going on, rather than making me ask all of the questions.  So far everything looks great with baby and me.  We had an appointment a couple days ago with the regular OB group.  Not the doctor that delivered Lauren but another in the group.  He spent several minutes looking through my file and told us that we’re lucky I’m still here.  He checked me over and said that everything looks good and he honestly thinks that nothing is going to happen as far as preeclampsia or HELLP.  Of course that’s not a guarantee, but we’re praying he’s right! What’s crazy to me is that right now, at 20 weeks, this baby is already bigger than Lauren was at 24 weeks. She’s actually on the bigger side for this gestation and has consistently measured so.  Staying positive and very hopeful that we’ll make it to at least 36 weeks!  The doctor said that we’d probably schedule the c-section for 36 or 37 weeks, it’ll just depend on her size and we’ll have to consider that along with the risk of uterine rupture because my c-section with Lauren was a classical, which increases this risk.  We are so blessed to have so many people praying for the 3 of us! 


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